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We’ve all heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”, well, it takes an army of people to put on a one week consignment sale! There is teamwork, fellowship and an overall sense of helpfulness that goes into this week and makes it all run smoothly.

Why Serve?


Help at the sale

15 Hrs
12 Hrs
9 Hrs
6 Hrs
3 Hrs


On Tuesday



More Money


How does it work?

You’ve seen our advertised PreSale Day on Wednesday, but what if I told you that over 15,000 items are sold the day before on Tuesday, to our approximately 150 team members who work during the sale anywhere from 3 to 15 hours? These team members GET FIRST PICK and whoa, baby, that’s a fun atmosphere watching them find treasures, deals, and new favorites for their kiddos!

Tell me more!

    • Here’s why this matters: Say we get six wagons in to sell. They are priced by the consignors anywhere from $10 to $75. A couple of them look brand new, a couple have a canopy top, and a couple have been well-loved and used. You get first pick as to what your needs are! You just want something that your kids can pile toys in and haul around the neighborhood – maybe you want the least expensive. You might want the newest one because this is your first child and you know you’ll be using this wagon for the next eight years.
  • If you’re a consignor, You make more money!
    • Consignors who work a minimum of two 3-hour shifts at the sale (total 6 hours) earn an EXTRA 5% commission on all the items they sell at the sale. Total commission goes to 70%! Hey, extra money is always good! You can work the two shifts all as one 6 hours or break it up into two 3 hour shifts on different days, YOUR CHOICE. You get to choose your shifts, days and times, they are not assigned to you. Just choose what works based on the availability from the drop down menu when you register to SERVE with us!

Ok! I’m going to sign up to Serve!

What types of jobs might I be doing?

1. Bagger at a checkout station 

This is one of our most common jobs.  If you’ve shopped the sale, then you know we always have a line of shoppers, so to keep things moving, we like to have a bagger at each checkout station to be packing up items as people checkout.  It’s easy, and keeps you on your toes!

2. Floor Person – Go Backs

This is tied for most common job.  You will wear one of our Sunflower Sprouts aprons, and be visible on the floor during shopping hours.  You will direct shoppers who have questions, and constantly be emptying the racks and bins that we have placed around the floor for items that customers have picked up to purchase and then changed their mind on.  You will straighten items on tables, find hangers for clothing that has lost their way, and in general help keep the sales floor neat and tidy.  It’s easy and you’ll get in a ton of steps if you wear your Fitbit!

3. Set Up and Tear Down – Specifically for Men!

We’ve got lots of equipment stored that needs set up prior to people dropping off their items.  Our great dad helpers carry these things into the venue, set up our racks and tables, and then take it all down at the end and pack it into our pods for storage.

4. Door Security

We have someone seated at the door during shopping hours to direct people to shopping areas, answer questions and match claim tags to items as they leave the building. Shoppers will have paid for large items using the bottom half of our claim tags.  They will then be picking up their large items from the sales floor, and you just make sure that the bottom and top half numbers match as they leave. This is a great job for our pregnant mommas or anyone on crutches!

5. Sale set up/ Drop Offs

On Sunday and Monday, our over 400 consignors will be dropping off their items. This is a busy time with about 15 people coming in with their items every half hour!  Your job will be to help put their items around the sales floor so they can get in and out quickly.  This is a job that involves a lot of walking so you can skip your workout that day!

6. Sorting

This job occurs on the last Sunday and Monday of the sale.  We are sorting all the leftover, unsold items back to individual consignor boxes so they can be picked up. We are also pulling all of the unsold items marked as Donate to areas for our partnered charities to pick up.   Don’t worry – this isn’t as hard as it sounds!  We have several systems in place that make this process go very quickly.  This is another job that you will get lots of steps in = workout for the day!

7. Cash Register

These jobs are reserved mainly for our Team Leaders that have been with us for several sales.  If you are interested – talk with Jen or Adam at the sale.

Other SERVE opportunities outside of the sale:

1. Yard Signs

We put up yard signs around the Pittsburgh Area on four weekends prior to the sale so people know that the date is coming up! Our Yard Sign people pick up 5 or 6 signs (based on area) and are responsible for putting them up every Friday night and taking them down every Sunday night based on local regulations for signs. You will then be responsible for dropping them back off to us at the end of the sale. Contact Jen if you are interested in SERVING in this way, along with your home location to see if it fits our needs.

2. Postcard Deliveries

We deliver thousands of postcards advertising the sale to area preschools and daycares a few weeks prior to the sale. You can help us reach our target audience by delivering postcards for us. We will give you a list of places, and amount they normally need, you do the driving and delivery. Easy, peasy! Contact Jen if you are interested in this opportunity to get your SERVE hours in.

3. Photography

We need a great, fun photographer each sale to capture all the sale moments. Pictures of specific items and overviews of our sale rooms and racks are needed, so that we can use these photos for our advertising during the sale. People want to see what the sale looks like! What items they might find there! This means photos on Monday night, and Friday night as we prepare to advertise the Grand Opening and start of our 50% off sales.

When I show up to SERVE, what’s the process? What Do I Need to Know?


1. We are so thankful for you! Just by showing up you have helped make our sale a success!

2. Wear comfy shoes. Most jobs described above get you moving and grooving so make sure you have shoes to walk in!

3. Bring a small purse or leave your personal items in the car. We don’t have lockers to store your things, so if you feel more comfortable, just leave valuables at home.

4. When you arrive for your shift – Please check in with the Floor Manager and they will assign you to a job.

5. We usually have water bottles available for you (and sometimes food!) but feel free to bring your own water bottle from home if you like.

6. When your shift is over, Please check out with the floor manager! Leave your apron to be washed for the next person. If you don’t check in and out, you risk not getting credit for your shift.

Frequently asked questions

I can't work the days of the sale, can I still help?

Yep! Email us and let us know you’re interested in a “before sale job” and we’ll see if we have any spots left!

What happens if my kid is sick and I can't make my shift?

Please call us! You will be given a phone number to call if an emergency comes up and you can’t work your shift. It is so helpful to us that you let us know ASAP so we can try to replace you. Calling is better than not showing up.

Please do what you can to show up since you already got the chance to shop early.

What job will I be doing when I get there?

We will let you know when you arrive! If you have a problem or concern, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate! We schedule hundreds of hours over the 9 days of the sale and there are a lot of moving pieces!

The job you have will depend on the day and time of your shift, our crowd, and who else has shown up (or not shown up) to help! Thanks in advance for your flexibility!

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