Bundling Items for Consignment Sales

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Bundling: putting items together to sell as a set.

Bundles are of same or similar items, or same size and/or brand of clothing items

Successful consignors know that bundling can boost their sell thru rate because adding value helps things to sell. Do you want to buy one baseball for $2 or do you want to buy 5 baseballs for $4? Value.

Bundling also allows consignors to sell more things in categories with item limits, like books.

Examples of good bundles include: onesies (package 3-10 together of same size), socks (package same size/type together in a ziploc bag), bottles (same size and brand in a ziploc bag), books (package same type of book or reader level of book together bound with string or ribbon), toys like: small balls, Barbie dolls, matchbox cars, etc. packaged together in a ziploc bag and sealed with tape, craft items like beads and lacing string, or the items for bracelet making in a sealed package.

Here are some bundling rules that can make your items more desirable for shoppers:


  • Bundle 5 infant onesies together in a bag and tape shut
  • Bundle same size/type of socks together in a bag and tape shut
  • Bundle the same size of clothing items (up to size 4T) to make an outfit.
  • Bundle same Brand Name and size into an outfit
  • Bundle Bottles of same brand together
  • Bundle a bag of bath toys together in a bag and tape shut
  • Bundle bags of small toys or miscellaneous toys together for our “Grab ‘N Go” section, tape shut
  • Bundle Bibs together by Gender or Holiday or color in a bag and tape shut
  • Bundle Birthday Party items of similar themes into a bag and tape shut
  • Bundle books by Reading level or Author
  • Bundle Children’s Jewelry or Hairbows in bag and tape shut



  • Do not bundle different sizes together
  • Do not bundle a stained item (like a onesie) into the middle of a bundle hoping that people won’t see the stain. The whole tag will get rejected.
  • Do not bundle items into outfits in larger clothing sizes (5T and above). You limit your chance to sell if a child is not the same size on top and bottom when they get older and outfits don’t sell as well in bigger sizes.
  • Do not bundle extra random pieces or broken items.

WHEN should you bundle clothes? Up to size 4T. After that, kids tend to sometimes be in two different sizes for their shirts/pants, so it is not as lucrative to sell items as a set. Someone may love the shirt but the pants need to be a size bigger for their child. They also start to have a preference in clothes and might not like both pieces. So, after size 4T, we recommend selling the clothing as individual items.

HOW should I bundle clothes? The items should be the same size, and preferably the same brand. An Osh Kosh shirt and matching pants in size 3T. A pack of 5 infant onesies. Two Carters pajamas. A pair of blue Gymboree pants and a pair of green Gymboree pants in the same size. Put a nice outfit together if that’s how your child wore it. Providing a complete outfit saves a shopper time by not having to search for matching items in the racks themselves.

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