Consignment Sale Shopping Tips 6 – 10

Apr 1, 2022 | Blog

Hello Friends! This conversation today will pick up where we left off in our shopping tips, hints and recommendations from last time. We were all prepared to shop at the sale, luggage packed for the train station, and now we have ARRIVED at the venue. Woot Woot! Let’s do a quick check before we head in the door – we’ve got our shopping list, a water bottle, something large to carry/haul our stuff in, a wallet and car keys. Oh, and maybe a kid or two….. Got them? Let’s head inside.

6. As you head in, take stock of the floor layout and where the holding area is for large items.

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When you head to your priority list, you’ll want to make sure you put any large items like a stroller, bicycle or large toy into the holding area at the beginning. This helps to make sure that a) you know where your stuff is b) you can add to this pile as necessary c) kids won’t be riding/testing out things on the sales floor and inadvertently moving where you initially saw the item and d) the hold area is usually monitored by a worker who can answer any questions you might encounter.

After you have shopped and gathered all your things, the holding area is also a place where you can grab a seat on the floor and just do a double check of what you’ve found against your shopping list and do a quick recheck on clothing items. This is your home base per se. Now, let’s head to the clothing racks!

7. Always look one size bigger after you’ve shopped current sizes.

Always look one size bigger after you’ve shopped current sizes. Remember that you are shopping for a six month period, and there may be a growth spurt in there. It won’t hurt to at least look for a couple of things that could extend a season and/or transition to the next one. This is especially true in jeans for their length.

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bikes and trikes

 8. Remember to check sizes and the condition of clothing.

toy lawn mower

You are shopping in size 6 for example. You are loading up your bag or wagon with size 6 clothing. Going thru the racks, you like it? You throw it in your bag with a quick once over. All good! There’s just a second part to address before you head to the check outs. Do a quick size check of everything. Hundreds of people are shopping, people are putting back items that they’ve changed their mind on, and it is possible, even likely – that you may have got a size 8 or a size 5 mixed in with your size. So a quick glance at the size tag and a longer glance at front, back, buttons and zippers is in order to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

9. Put Outfits Together of items you like.

Sure, it’s easy to just grab jean or khaki shorts and any colorful t-shirt and call it good. But let’s do some fun outfits too. Find the perfect Easter dress and a white cardigan for Easter services. Find everything in John Deere Green for your tractor loving toddler. Found a great bathing suit? Now look for a matching t-shirt color, and don’t forget the hat and sunglasses to go with it! First Communion coming up? Match up your dress pants, shirt, and then head to the accessory section for a tie and fedora hat. This is your time to play around and have fun!

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10. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Boys Swim Trunks
Boys Swim Trunks

Let’s face it, we moms love the shoe section of any store. We are famous for buying the cutest baby shoes in multiples even though babies should not even wear shoes until they start walking! It’s the fashion statement that counts! At a consignment sale, you will find sneakers, crocs, dress shoes, sandals, rain boots, baseball and soccer cleats and ballet and tap shoes either all in one area or spread out across the venue in different departments. They are arranged by size, but make sure to check the size label just in case a pair was moved to a wrong size table. Consignment is a great venue to stock up on all types of footwear – remember it is never wrong to stash a pair of sneakers at Grandma’s house. Who hasn’t buckled their sleeping toddler in pj’s into the car seat, driven to Grandma’s for an event, and realized that you never packed any shoes to wear all day? Asking for a friend…….

Anyhow, that is all to say that buying multiples in the shoe section is not only acceptable, it’s the norm. At consignment prices, it makes shopping in this section a lot of fun, and so many of the shoes look like brand new or barely worn. As with the clothing, don’t forget to look ahead one size in the shoes as well. It can only help you with a sudden growth spurt hits. Crocs, tennis shoes, rain and snow boots are great options to look ahead one size in.

Before heading to the checkout, make a stop back at the holding area to pick up anything large, and just sort of regroup for a minute to check over things. If you think you might be hitting your budget limit, hold a few items back that are not must haves that you can add or not add in at the end of the transaction. Remember that there are usually multiple sale days, and you can always take that fun ride again! Half price day will be coming soon – should we plan to do it all again? Heck yeah!

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