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*Consigning Queens Listen Up! This is going to be one of those helpful articles that answers some of your tagging and sizing questions about your infant clothes and consequently will help your items get placed in the correct sizing sections for the easiest shopping experience. Easier shopping = more of your items sold and more $$ in your pocket!

First, let’s talk about the tagging system. Sunflower Sprouts has worked really hard this year to order and label the size categories to make them very clear. Your size categories start with clothing sizes starting with Preemie, and then descend all the way through Teen. When tagging, always look at the item’s manufacturer size tag first and try to match that in the tagging system. PLEASE SEE THE CHARTS IN THIS BLOG OR THE SIZE CHARTS ONLINE FOR REFERENCE! This particular article is going to talk about sizing for 0-24 months.

The specs: At Sunflower Sprouts, there are limits set for size newborn – 9 months. You are allowed 20 tags per gender and per size. (20 tags in 0-3 month girls, 20 tags in 3-6 month girls, etc) Make cute outfits and only bring your best! Bundles should be limited to 2-3 items on a hanger and we recommend that bundles are outfits. (5 pairs of infant pants with no shirts don’t sell well)

Why are there limits? This section has a very low sell thru rate at all consignment store and sales across the country! Why is this since the clothes this size are so stinking cute!? Well this is mainly because of baby showers! Most of the clothes moms get at their baby shower are size 0-24! So, there are a lot of items this size out in the world!

These outfits are either totally stained (the onesies that they live in!) OR they are in next to perfect condition (the fancy outfits they wear once)!

When you have a limited amount of tags you can enter, you should limit the number of this size that you bring to the sale because these items are not your cash cows (like the stroller, high chair, or bouncer)! Bring the holiday outfits and the 3 piece sets that are like new. Bring the outfits that you got at your shower that still have the tags on them because you either got more outfits than baby could wear in that small amount of time or because they weren’t your favorite. We highly recommend you only bring onesies that are new in package or like new and we recommend you bundle them.

Most clothing items are going to be sized in the 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc., categories. This sizing module continues until your child is nearing that 24 months old milestone. Then you get the monkey wrenches thrown in when something just says “6 months” or “12 months.” There is one basic rule of thumb here and it’s easy to remember! When an item says 6 months, that means your child can wear it up until 6 full months of age depending on the size of your baby. If an item says 12 months, your child can wear it up until they are one year old. A solid month sizing is the UPPER limit that the brand says is likely to fit your baby.

Next sizing question: What is the difference between preemie and newborn?

Preemie sizing is the littlest size. It is for babies up to six pounds. This size has the lowest sell thru rate. No one plans on having a preemie and when they do, they are mostly naked while in the NICU. These outfits are normally bought after a baby is born, not at a consignment sale months in advance. We recommend you donate them to a hospital that can pass them on to moms in need.

Newborn is for babies six to nine pounds in weight as that covers the average sizes for newborn babies. This size also has a low sell thru rate because people don’t plan on having a newborn either. Most moms worry they are going to have a 10 pounder!! These outfits are also normally bought after a baby is born, not at a consignment sale months in advance. We also recommend donating these.

For infants, it is always helpful to know your baby’s height and weight and lucky for us, with so many infant doctor appointments during the first year, 99% of moms will proudly tell you their baby’s height and weight any day of the week!

Please reference the size charts for a better understanding!

Have fun shopping for your beautiful baby! There is so much to enjoy at the baby stage, and dressing him or her in darling outfits is at the top of the list!

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