Let’s Talk About Hangers

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Do I have to buy them?
Do they have to be plastic or can I use wire?
Should I mark them with colored tape?

Hangers are your friends in consignment! Let’s face it, when your items hang neatly, they sell better. So, let’s talk about them.

First and most important: when you hang clothes on the hanger, make sure your hanger looks like a question mark!

Highly recommended:

Use children hangers for sizes newborn-5T and use adult hangers for sizes 6T and above. (If you’re going to use adult hangers for kids/infant clothes, insert the hanger through the bottom/waist and NOT through the neck. It will stretch the neck and lower your sell thru rate.

Good to know:

Plastic and wire hangers are both acceptable!

Now let’s talk about the few types of hangers

  1. A Regular Adult Shirt Hanger
  2. A Regular Child Shirt Hanger
  3. A Regular Infant Hanger
  4. Pant/Bottoms Hangers with Clips

Some general rules of thumb for consignment purposes:

1. USE THE CORRECT SIZE HANGER – a toddler shirt will get completely stretched out if you shove an adult hanger in the shoulders. On the flip side, older kid or teen items will fall off of a child shirt hanger. Items on the floor because they have fallen off do not sell.

2. If you are using the correct hanger, but the neck is narrow, or doesn’t have buttons, don’t try to shove the hanger in the neck and stretch it out. Go up from the bottom and place the item on correctly.

3. For Pants – Pant hangers with the clips work great! If you don’t have any, a regular hanger (in the correct size) will work. You will just safety pin the pants through the waistband to the TOP ANGLED BARS of the hanger. NOT the straight bottom bar. Pinning to the top angled bars, prevents the pants from sliding and getting caught on other clothing.

4. Do not weigh down a hanger with more items than you should. This is in regard to bundling items. You can put 2-3 items on a hanger but more than that gets heavy. If you’d like to bundle two bigger items (like 2 pairs of jeans) we recommend putting them both on individual hangers and zip tie the hangers together or rubberband them together.

5. When selling with Sunflower Sprouts, you do not have to color code your hangers for sorting purposes. We use the tag on the outfit to sort clothes. Save the time for something that brings you more joy!

Do I have to go buy hangers to sell my clothes!? NO!


Well, then where can I get them?

  • For our purposes, the white wire hangers from dry cleaners work great! Many dry cleaners will hand out extra hangers.


  • Ask your friends and family to save theirs as they pick up their dry cleaning – people are always just throwing them away so make sure people know that you want to recycle them! Feel free to share our graphic on social media for a hanger request!


  • If you’re desperate, you can buy hangers from Sunflower Sprouts! We have a supply of new wire hangers that we bought in bulk, at bulk pricing that we pass on to you! Just email us!


  • At the end of each sale, we have bins of extra hangers left – take a handful of the size you need for the next event. Please don’t be greedy and do not sell these hangers at our sale. Insert pic

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