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Where can you find the most safety pins at one time in one place? A children’s consignment sale of course! Safety Pins are your friend to help make sure your items sell great! Just like hangers (see previous blog on the subject of hangers), a safety pin is a much loved tool for you to use, so make sure you are using them correctly.

1. Size is important! In general, use the smallest size you can so that the pin hole created in a garment is small. No one wants a shirt with a large hole created from pinning. We love pins that are 1 to 1 ½” long.

2. What will you be pinning? The main pinning will be for your price tag placed in general over the heart of the item. A tag can also be placed in the armpit seam, or thru the garment tag inside the neck. You always want to use the smallest pin you have for attaching the price tag. You do NOT want to use more than one pin to attach a tag. Don’t overdo it.

3. When pinning something with a zipper (coat), or belt loops (pants), I always pin through the zipper pull, or around a front belt loop so that there are NO HOLES created. Genius, right? For these purposes, you can use a large safety pin if you’ve bought a multi-size pack, and save the small ones for your tags.

4. You don’t need to safety pin a shirt to the hanger. When you have used the correct size hanger, a shirt will hang nicely. Exception to this rule: If you have a tank top with spaghetti straps, I do find that small safety pins can be helpful through the straps so that the shirt doesn’t slide.

5. When Safety Pinning a pair of pants to a wire hanger – always pin to the top angled bar of the hanger. This prevents the item from sliding. Pants usually require a little bigger pin, because of the weight and thickness of pinning through a waistband.

6. Where can you get pins? Amazon is always the first answer to anything these days, isn’t it? You can get packs of 300 multi sized pins for around $5 on their site, or 500 of a specific size for $10.

Secondly, ask your mom or grandma! It’s weird, but so many moms and grandma’s have a sewing kit with hundreds of pins like some hidden treasure trove! You can also purchase some from Sunflower Sprouts. We bag up supplies of pins that you can purchase for the next event when you drop your items off.

Happy Pinning!

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