Make Room For All The New Toys!

Dec 12, 2022 | Blog, Christmas, Consignor, Spring

child donating toys for Christmas

Who wants a clean organized house?

Me! Me!

Who can picture the explosion of wrapping paper, boxes and new toys that will take over your house in the next two weeks? Also, me.

To balance these two scenarios, all moms and dads need a master plan, one that is easy to implement because time means money in the form of rest during the holiday season don’t ya know?

As Santa prepares to make his way down the chimney, let’s follow this simple plan to make room for all of the new toys that are sure to become your kiddos’ new favorites:

  1.  Take note of what toys, games, and books your kids play with the most.  You can even make this a subject at the dinner table, “What’s your favorite thing to play with right now?”
  2.  The toys not mentioned in this conversation, the ones gathering dust in the corner, shoved under the couch, or at the bottom of the toy box?  Those are the ones we want to purge.  And Hey – let’s make money in the form of cash when we do it!
  3. Grab a plastic bin, or large cardboard box and store the forgotten, unused toys.  Take 10 minutes and look for all missing pieces and toss them in as well.  Take five minutes and go through your books as well.
  4. Hide this box in your garage, or basement.
  5. Here’s the important part!!!! For two weeks, if your child doesn’t ask where a particular toy or book is….. You are golden.  Your consignment box is ready to tag for the next Sunflower Sprouts sale!  If, however, your child asks about a particular toy, you can take it out of the box with no harm, no foul.  You are STILL golden.
  6. Register to consign at the spring sale in January.
  7. Make Money when these toys sell in April at the sale!
  8. Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa with the kids, and revel in your newly decluttered family room for well, who are we kidding, like five minutes…. But hey, it was worth it!

Remember Registration for our next sale opens in January – be there or be square!

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Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill is a former consignment sale owner in Western Pennsylvania. She is a mom to three kids who are now in high school and college. She has a Business/Communications degree from Grove City College and resides in Volant, PA with her husband, kids and a barn full of animals. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, hanging with her tribe of fierce moms and the occasional glass of whiskey…or wine….

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