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Consigning Queens Listen Up! This is going to be one of those helpful articles that answers some of your tagging and sizing questions and consequently will help your items get placed in the correct sizing sections for the easiest shopping experience. Easier shopping = more of your items sold and more $$ in your pocket!

First off, let’s talk about the tagging system. Sunflower Sprouts has worked really hard this year to order and label the size categories to make them very clear. Your size categories start with clothing sizes starting with Preemie, and then descend all the way through Teen. When tagging, always look at the item’s manufacturer size tag first and try to match that in the tagging system. This particular article is going to talk about sizing for 5T-20. We’re covering a lot of years here!

Let’s start with 5T/5 sizing. What’s the difference?! Generally, bottoms of 5T size clothes have more room to fit diapers & pull-ups in the butt area so that your child is not overly tightened while still potty training. Similarly, 5T bottoms are more often tapered at the ankles as compared to 5 sizes (just like toddler and baby pants). Generally, size 5 is a little bigger in the waist and longer to accommodate a growing child.

When you move on to the school aged kids, the BIGGEST MISTAKE people make is when they start converting Smalls, Mediums and Larges into actual size numbers. This is for kids aged 7-14 in general.

Here is a chart for converting that size tag into our numerical system particularly for popular brands Nike and Under Armour who start to size using the small, medium, large system at this age group. Prior to that they use numerical numbers.

Now that you’ve entered the correct size, it will get hung in the right section! Just check the signs and ask for help! We have size sections for all of these listed above.

Another note to clarify when hanging clothes: The sizes above do NOT equal Juniors clothing and should NOT be hung with the Junior clothing. A girls size 14 is NOT a juniors XS. The sizes are similar but the styling is QUITE different. Hang in the correct sections in ascending numerical order as our racks are ordered. Junior Sizing will come AFTER the XL sections! Here’s an example why: Brands! Teen brands are very specific. American Eagle, Aerie, Aeropostale, Abercrombie. In stores like Justice, their clientele is for the 6-13 year old crowd. The styling is for that age, and a teen is going to find the sparkly styling to be not sophisticated enough for them.

Now, here’s a chart for hanging your Junior sizes in the correct spot:

Teen Girl
XS = Sizes 00, 0 and 2
Small =Sizes 4-6
Medium = Sizes 8-10

Teen Boy
XS Corresponds to shirt size and pant size waist 28-29
Small corresponds to shirt size and pant size waist 30-31
Medium corresponds to shirt size and pant size waist 32-34

The new tagging drop down menu then lists shoe sizes in descending order from newborn sizes down through toddler/little kid, then big kid. This should be really clear now! For additional questions on sizing infant or toddler clothing, please refer to separate articles written specifically for them.

Now come and shop oue wide variety of clothing at our next sale!

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