Why Should I Sell At A Consignment Sale and How To Pick One?

Dec 12, 2022 | Blog, Consignor

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Consignment Sales are gaining in popularity like all things pumpkin flavored in the fall.  It’s safe to say that consigning items that your family has outgrown or no longer has a use for has become hugely popular and is here to stay.  There’s good reason for this as moms and dads explore this option, find success, and then tell their friends about their experience. I’ve put together a list of reasons that explains the WHY question here:

One Stop Selling

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No one has time to do multiple meet ups in random parking lots to sell five pairs of pajamas or a Barbie house. Consignment sales let you bring ALL of your outgrown in-season items and do one drop off which honestly – brings a sense of accomplishment in itself.


Most people have a sense of being eco-conscious these days. We are all about reduce, reuse, and recycle. Selling at a consignment sale gives you the BIG PICTURE as you and your kids can see first hand how keeping clothing out of landfills while helping other families is a perfect cycle that needs to keep spinning in a world that shows kids that they can do their part as well.

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Making More Money!

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Yes, now I have your attention. Let’s face it, you have options when selling with consignment, and one of those is the brick and mortar stores that you can take a load of items to, they will pick and choose what they want to buy from you, and pay you on the spot. The problem with this option is that they don’t take everything. Heck, they don’t even take half of what you have carefully prepared, washed, and packed into a laundry basket for them to inspect. Selling at a consignment sale allows you to bring EVERYTHING you can possibly clean out of your house that is kid-related and sell the majority of it at a price that you set! The average consignor at a sale makes $300. This means one big check for you instead of $25-$30 each time you deliver something to a brick and mortar store.

More Shoppers Than A Garage Sale

Consignment will give you more shoppers than at a garage sale. Hands down – no contest. Thousands! of shoppers go through a consignment sale over the course of being open. They are drawn there for the EVENT. More shoppers = more sale = more money in your pocket. And no haggling with grumpy people in your garage is a bonus.

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Stay At Home Parents Can Make Money

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It’s a viable option for a stay-at-home mom or dad to make money. Let’s face it – raising kids is expensive and you may have made the decision to have one parent at home with your kids. Extra money always comes in handy but your schedule – whew – between preschool pickups, play dates, dance class and library story time – who has time for side hustles? Consignment selling allows you to plan for a one time drop off of your items and gives you a couple of months to prepare for this process if you register to sell as soon as it opens.


You like volunteering, adult conversation, and getting out in the community with people just like you! Well then, here’s your built-in new group of friends! It takes a village to run a consignment sale we in the business like to say. Volunteering to work just a three hour shift will not only increase your consignor paycheck, but it will be a fun, relaxed time with moms and dads your age.

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Shop First

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You want to shop first because BEST SELECTION & PRICE! – A consignment sale is an event. An event has a start time when everything is packed in and awaiting shoppers. People who volunteer to be part of the team, and people who are consigning get those first chances to shop. This is the best part – New to you toys, books, and clothing! Finding the best bike at the best price for under the Christmas tree. Dance costumes, soccer shoes and sports equipment for all of your kids’ after school activities. Choosing an entire season’s wardrobe in one store rather than just getting an outfit here and there. Best selection and price also translates into time saved!

It’s easy to do!

The learning curve for selling at a consignment sale is very similar to learning how to do a grocery pick up. The sales give very good direction on how to tag, do a drop off, pricing your items, etc. Best advice I can give is to shop at a consignment sale once before consigning. You get to see what people have priced their items at, how they have packaged or prepared their items if needed, and in general, how the selling process works at a particular sale. A good rule of thumb is that if the shopping process is easy at a sale, then the selling process will be easy as well.

I can tell you are ready to run and register to consign at a sale right now! Now comes the second part of your daily dose of helpful information – How do I pick a sale?
Honestly, this won’t be a hard process. There are a few things to consider when choosing a sale – We’ll discuss them in our next blog! Check that out here:

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Jennifer Hill

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