Sell your stuff

Are you ready to sell with Sunflower Sprouts? Are you ready to clean out, declutter and get some cash? Here’s how to do that step by step.

1. Collect

Collect your children’s and maternity items from around your house! You’ll be amazed at how much you find!

2. Register

We have a limited amount of consignor spots each sale – typically, we are over 75% full within one week of opening registration so don’t delay and grab your spot now!

3. Price & Tag

You decide how much to price your items, you print the tags and attach them to your items!

4. Drop off

Schedule a time, load up your goodies and bring them to the sale! We’ll help make sure they’re placed in the correct department!

5. Get Paid!

Commission starts at 65% on every item! How will you spend your paycheck!?

1. Collect your items


Where do I look?

You can collect items from all over your house!  Start with the kids’ rooms & go through everything! Check the toy area, book shelves, attic and/or basement for stored clothing, baby equipment, and don’t forget the garage for bikes, ride on toys, sports equipment, outside play items!


Let’s sort out what can be sold, and what can’t.  Take an initial look through the clothing.  Pull anything with a stain, or rip, or missing buttons.  Check your games and puzzles – are there missing pieces?  Remove them from the pile if so.  Check out the toys – Do they work and have batteries in them? Are all the pieces there as well?  Now you’ve got your “Good To Sell Pile”!


Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalls. These are most often in the baby equipment category, toys category, and the bicycles/ride on toy category. You can search by recent recalls or type in the brand and model of your stroller as an example. We have found that strollers and baby equipment are the most recalled items. Please be diligent.

Item Limits

You are allowed to enter 350 tags for the sale. Within that number, you are allowed 15 pairs of shoes, 50 book tags – you can do bundles of books in a Ziploc bag if that helps you, 15 items in our bedding category, 10 items in our décor category.  These limits are based on what sells, and how fast it sells.

What you can sell

All things children and maternity!! If your kid wore it, if your kid used it, if you bought it in the kids department, you can probably sell it!
There are some exceptions, so check the link below for more details!

Still not sure!? Email us!

2. Register



The Cost to Register is $18. This amount covers the management and overhead of your items during the sale. We incur rent, insurance, marketing costs, supply costs, and equipment storage costs to name a few.

Your consignor number

When you register, you will be assigned a unique consignor number and you will set your own password.  This number and password will get you into our tagging system, and back office where you will sign up for a drop off time, register to volunteer, print tags or view reports.

How to

Click the “It’s my first time” button (Returning sellers click “I’m back”), input your information, sign the agreement and pay your registration fee via Paypal.  This fee is nonrefundable even if you choose to unregister at a later date.

Select your drop off appointment

You will schedule this at the time of registration! There are times to choose from on Sunday and Monday before the weekend of the sale.  These time slots fill up fast so select one now.  It can be changed to an available one later if needed.

Seller support Facebook page

Follow along in this Facebook group to get sale specific information! Join us as we give helpful tips, and share consignor stories of success on here. Send a question out to the group – gets tons of helpful answers!

3. Price & Tag


Suggested Supplies

  • Hangers
  • Packing Tape
  • Seal top Baggies
  • Zip Ties
  • Safety Pins – small to medium size work best
  • WHITE Cardstock – also called Cover stock – sold at Staples or Office Max. This is thicker than regular paper.
  • Cheap batteries from the Dollar Store for your toys that need them

Prep the items

Make sure DVDs are in the case (Don’t seal the case). Put all pieces for toys into a seal top bag and attach to the toy with a zip tie.  If you are doing book bundles – bundle like books together by type (board, early reader) or age, or reading level. Clean off your baby equipment and wash the pads if necessary. 

Enter the items into the system

Log into the tagging system using your consignor number and password.  Go to My Homepage – then Menu – then Work With Consigned Inventory.  This takes you to our pricing module.  Using the drop down boxes, select a category and size for each item.

How to price

First rule of thumb is what would you reasonably pay for this item?  We have a $2 minimum price for each item entered so if you wouldn’t pay $2, then bundle with a like item. Pricing is typically 20-40% of what you originally paid for the item.  Clothing generally sells from $2 -$10 per item with $10 being reserved for Nike or Under Armour items.  We will always tell you to not let an emotional attachment to an item cloud your pricing judgement.

Half Price & Donate options

The half price box means that your item will be discounted by 50% if it hasn’t sold during the first days of the sale.  We HIGHLY Recommend selecting this box to give your item the best chance to sell.  The donate box means that if this item does not sell at the end of the sale – you will be donating this item to one of our partnered charities.  We also HIGHLY recommend this option as you will be helping local families in need!

Printing tags

Once you have entered some or all of your tagging information, (you can print as needed) you are ready to print your tags. You will do this through your main menu. 10 tags print on one page of WHITE CARDSTOCK, which you will then cut out to attach to your items. Colored and shiny card stock doesn’t scan at the register.

Attaching the tag

  • When you hang clothes on the hanger, make sure your hanger looks like a question mark!
  • Use children hangers for sizes newborn-5T and use adult hangers for sizes 6T and above.
  • Plastic and wire hangers are acceptable!
  • Using a 1.5 in or 2 in safety pin, attach the tag on the left lapel. This makes it easy for customers to see the tag quickly when shopping the racks!
  • Tagging guns will damage the left lapel of a shirt! If you’re using a tagging gun with a shirt, attach it to the original size tag in the center along the neck or in the armpit of the shirt.

Try voice entry

Don’t want to type in all of your tagging information – there is a mobile friendly voice entry option that lots of our consignors love.  You speak in the options from the tagging menu for quick and easy tagging.  Give it a try as it can save you a ton of time!

Past inventory

You do not have to retag any unsold items from our previous sales unless you are changing the price, 50% off selection or donation status. You DO, however, have to make this older inventory ACTIVE in the system.

To make inactive items active follow these steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Select Work with Consigned Inventory
  • Select Work with Inactive Inventory – this then lets you select the specific inventory from the past sale that you plan to bring to the upcoming sale. Click the box in front of the item number to select the item.
  • Click the “Make Items Active” button at the top of the screen.
  • We appreciate you taking the time to keep your active inventory current. If you’ve gotten rid of past items, you can also delete them in the same manner.

4. Drop Off



You will schedule an appointment when you register. Pull up, unload your car into a hold spot in the building, move your car, then ask to have your items inspected!

Inspection of items

All clothing items go through a brief inspection when you arrive.  This is to make sure items are in season for the current sale and are free of stains and holes, no matter how small.  Electronic items and toys that require batteries will be tested.

Floor your items

You will need to place your items on the sales floor in the correct department. Our team members will guide and help you through the process. This takes some time and will take more if you have the maximum number of items. Depending on how fast you walk, please plan about 30 minutes per 100 items you bring.

Leave a bin

Once you have placed all of your items on the sales floor in their proper places, collect all of your bins, boxes or bags that you carried everything in.  If you will be returning to pick up any of your unsold items after the sale is over, then you need to leave a bin or box with your consignor number written large in Sharpie on it.

Don’t want anything back?

Have you marked all your item tags with the DONATE designation?  Awesome!  You are one of our over 175 people who will be donating all their unsold items to great, local charities.  Your items will be going to help local families!  You also get a donation report to print for use on your taxes!

5. Get Paid!


How it works

Each consignor receives 65% of the selling price of each item.  If the consignor has SERVED as a team member for two 3-hour shifts (6 hours total) then the consignor earns an additional 5% for a total of 70% on each item sold.

Serve to make more

If you want to make more money, then join us by SERVING as a Team Member for 2 shifts during the sale.  See the SERVE tab of our website for all the information on how to have fun with us!

How can I maximize my paycheck?

SERVE – as a team member – earn extra 5% commission for 2 work shifts

Price to Sell – Don’t let emotional attachment to items cause you to overprice.

Bring Big Items – Strollers, Pack N Plays, Outside Play Houses

ALWAYS choose the DISCOUNT option when pricing.  It is so much better to sell something at half price than to take it home.  On half price days, items that are not discounted on the tag are routinely passed over!

Pay day!

Checks will be mailed 5-10 business days after the sale has finished. During that two weeks, all of the banking is done, reports are printed, etc.  Please make sure we have your current address on file.

Enjoy the pay day

NOW – How will you spend your money? Dream Big or Small –  We’ve had consignors use their sale money for Christmas presents, towards vacation expenses, or just save it for all of the little extras that make life special  – a day at the Zoo with the family, ice cream Fridays, etc. 

Frequently asked questions

I brought a car seat to sell. Why did it get rejected?

Did you know that car seats have an expiration date!? 6 years is the limit of use on any car seat from date of manufacture.

Why do I need to print my tags on cardstock?

All of the items that come in and out of our sale get moved around a lot! They get out of your car, put onto the rolling racks, hung onto the racks/tables on the floor, and then added to a shoppers wagon, all before it gets to the check out table! If you use regular copy paper, you risk the tag falling off your item. No tag = no sale = lost and found table. You want to keep your tagged items off the lost and found table.

Also, if you use anything other than white,  scanners have a hard time reading the barcode at the register. It is impossible to read barcodes that are printed on any paper that have a shine or glitter.

What if I don't want back my items that don't sell?

If you don’t want the items back, we will gladly donate them to one of our non-profits! Please chose “donate” when you are tagging your items and confirm you are “donating all” on drop off day!

I don't have PayPal, can I still register?

Yes, you can just register with a credit card as a guest through PayPal.

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